If I look at the causes of IT failure which result in a callout to Si29 Computer Services for help, less than 15 % of all our callouts are caused by failing hardware, while about 20% are down to Internet connectivity or other networking issues and then, a staggering 70% or more of all problems we get are caused by some kind of software failure.


Of all these software-related problems, nearly half of them are caused by unintended downloading of rogue software (malware) or some form of virus / trojan infection.

Now, while we all know that failing hardware can generally be fairly easily replaced, software problems, on the other hand, are often very difficult to resolve and can, therefore, be quite expensive to fix.


While we, as a company, have always had a reasonably good track record in cleaning up viruses or other malware, or repairing mis-configured registry entries, or retrieving missing or corrupted files, in practice, none of these remedies can be guaranteed as good permanent solutions in every case – because, in truth, every case is different.  And, in some cases data retrieval may be simply impossible.

This is why, we ensure all our clients are taking regular, scheduled backups of entire volumes, and, just as importantly we actually test and prove the recovery mechanism works, before you discover it doesn’t on the day of your disaster!

If you do nothing else to safeguard your business from unrecoverable and unforeseen problems, at the very least, get someone to professionally sort out your IT backup and recovery strategy for you.  It might just save your business one day.