Even the smallest of businesses have a website today.  It is just as essential as a phone number or an email address. And it’s potentially your shop window to a really staggering amount of people.  So, is your website working for you as effectively as it should be or is it just something else in that long list of things to get round to one day? If  it’s still on your ‘to do’ list, we think you could benefit by talking to us. We are very keen to help small, local businesses build an effective presence on the Web without breaking the bank.

We could talk to you about domain names, hosting technologies, database technologies and a website optimisation strategy.  But, really we’d like to take all of this off your hands and provide you with a simple effective well-designed, professional website that works for you and helps drive business opportunities in your direction. All we need from you to get started are some ideas, some existing marketing collateral, perhaps a few pictures and we can provide a few examples to discuss. We can design it so that you can update it yourself as often as you want without having to become a computer programmer.  All you’d need to be able to do is login, fill in a  simple online form and submit your update. A well-designed, professionally developed small web site of perhaps only 5 or 6 pages is usually all you need to get your marketing message across to the world.  Typically, this could be completed in a two or three week time period for £500 or so, and it’s yours for life. Of course, it can be expanded and extended as your business grows.  We also provide advice and help in getting your website noticed by the major search engines – in particular, Google.  The end result is a website that works , for you.