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Why you should consider business-class Exchange hosted email

We all carry around smart phones, iPads, laptops and more. We have computers at work and computers at home and sometimes we use computers that aren’t ours – at a friend’s house or at an airport or in a hotel lobby.

So we need to be able to access our calendar and our email and maybe our contact details and an important document or two as well from wherever we are with whatever device we have to hand.

This is why our email is held ‘in the Cloud’. But it’s not just our email, – it’s all that other stuff too.

If you use Outlook to download your email from a POP server, you need to ensure it isn’t deleted from the server by Outlook or you won’t have access from other devices or locations when you need it. If, on the other hand, you never download your emails at all and one day you find your email provider has disabled your account because he thinks you’ve been spamming (it happens), you may not be able to get to your email for quite some time.

So you need to know where things are and ensure they’re safe and backed up and – most importantly – the backups are accessible to you.

Like most things in IT, it just needs a little planning – and planning needs a little knowledge. A little knowledge of, at least, what the options are.

We can help you with your planning by simply explaining the options. And when you’ve decided what you need to do, we can make it happen for you too. Fill in the simple form below. We only need a name and a current email address and we’ll get back to you.

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